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Yaheeda`s two older children were very excited as they eagerly waited for the arrival of the new member who was going to be added to the family. Along with their Mom and Dad (Nasar), these children too looked forward to that day, but, they were all badly disappointed as Ayan, the newborn baby was born with a facial deformity, a Cleft Lip!

Ayan-CLCPThese siblings were reluctant to even come near Ayan as he was unlike any other child. Nasar, their father tried his best to explain to his children about the facial deformity of their brother, but all his effort was in vain. Nasar was also worried about Ayan as the child found it very difficult to drink his milk. The milk spilt out of his mouth every time he was fed. Nasar and Yaheeda wanted to help their son and consulted the doctors regarding any corrective measures but when they found out the cost for the corrective surgery, they gave up. Nasar has a small Paan shop (selling Betel leaf preparations and other assorted miscellaneous items) and he manages to earn a small income.  He somehow manages to feed his family with his small income but in no way can he think of getting the deformity corrected. He wanted to borrow money from the moneylenders but nobody was willing to help him as he did not have the repaying capacity.

Having failed to get the required money, Nasar had no other option but to give up. A local community leader met Nasar and during their conversation, Nasar spoke about Ayan’s need for surgery. On hearing the information given by the local leader, Nasar`s burden seemed to be lifted and he experienced peace his heart. He was told about Operation Blessing India’s partner hospital and the free corrective surgeries that were done for the less privileged that could not afford to pay the surgery costs.

Nasar and Yaheeda approached the partner hospital and as they were told, the doctor examined Ayan, got all investigations done and successfully did the corrective surgery. “The impossible happened in our lives, this was possible only because of the help we received from Operation Blessing India (OBI).  We did not have to pay for anything as everything was taken care of; we are very grateful to OBI for restoring normalcy in my son’s life and supporting us in our time of need.” Nasar told the OBI team with a lot of happiness.

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