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The new sewing machine stood before her; Baby Dass felt she was in dreamland, was this really happening in her life? The privilege of having her own sewing machine was indeed a miracle!
Her thoughts went back to her past; everything seemed to be fine when she was with her parents but things changed. Later, when she got married, her troubles started as her husband was very irresponsible, he got into many bad habits and incurred a lot of debt. The heavy BabyDass-LH1burden of clearing the debt fell on her family as he disappeared from her life, abandoning all of them. Baby Dass was left with the added responsibility of bringing up her two daughters on her own. Aachal, her elder daughter was ten years old and the younger one, Roshni was two years old.  Initially, she had great dreams that she would work hard and bring up her children well by educating them etc. but when her husband left her, all her dreams and aspirations came crashing down. She moved in to live with her parents who were old and sick most of the time.

In her struggle to take care of her ailing father, aged mother and her two daughters she worked as an assistant to a tailor but also did extra work to earn some additional wages. She had to go to different places for this, work late into the night and faced many difficulties as she was a young woman without any support. She managed to get work as she was a skilled tailor but at the same time, she faced a lot of problems as it was a man’s world and she had to bear with the indecent stares of men, the teasing and taunting of the roadside rowdies etc. She also had to travel to different places which turned out to be a painful experience as she had to walk long distances. She had no other choice but to continue with the hard work in order to clear her husband’s debt and provide for the basic needs for her family.

Every morning Baby Dass would pray for a miracle and hoped that something would happen to change her situation. She felt bad that she spent so much time away from home and her children. Almost everyday, she would get delayed at the work place and by that time she got home, her children would be sleeping. She missed spending time with her children and hoped that one day she would be able to get a job that would enable her to spend some quality time at home.
The answer to her prayers came in the form of Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) community development project. They came to know about Baby Dass’ unfortunate condition through a local NGO and knowing about her tailoring skill, they gifted her with a good quality sewing machine. This was a pleasant surprise for her and she found it very hard to believe the fact that her desire had become a reality; her dream had come true! She was even happier when the old clients visited her in her own home (Vaishali Slums) and gave her new orders. Now Baby Dass is happily settled in her tailoring work; she is getting sufficient orders, is able to work from home and spend time with her children at the same time. She is very grateful to OBI for providing a sewing machine, a much needed resource that has enabled her to earn a regular income and has given her the joy of becoming a self sufficient person!

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