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Bukya Goji starts her day with a long walk to the stream that is on the outskirts of her village. She carries a couple of pots with her, hoping to even collect some drinking water. Her family consists of her husband, fifty five year old Samlu, her son Suresh (18 years) and her daughter Sunita (14 years).  She has to collect water; get back in time to cook food, do some household chores and leave for work. They all live in K.Kondaramavaram, a remote village in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. There is no proper water source for this village except for the stream that is quite far away, almost a kilometer from their village. They have to walk a long distance and go to the other side of the main road to reach the stream and so water collection has become a laborious and lengthy task in their daily routine.

Bukya-Goji-LWWhile Samlu, Bukya and Suresh go for work, Sunita goes to the local school; all of them have to rush through their morning schedule to go in time to their respective work places. Among the many challenges these people battle on a daily basis, there is one to which most of their misfortunes are linked: the lack of water, a scarcity that manifests itself in a myriad ways – from ill health to failed crops and unemployment. These villagers subsist on farming and when the harvest is poor or the crop fails and there are no jobs so the majority of families migrate to nearby towns in search of work.

Sometimes even in the late evening, Bukya and Sunita go to the stream to get water for their home. Mostly, the women are the ones who bear the heaviest burden; it is they who fetch water for all the needs, ensure that food is cooked and other chores are done and they even work for daily wages to provide for their families when the men migrate. Their greatest struggle is to collect drinking water. They dig around the stream and wait for the water to seep Bukya-Goji-LW1into the hollows they make and then using a small vessel, they scoop out the clear water into their pots. This is a long process and even though this water appears clean, it still is contaminated with many impurities and becomes a cause for sickness. The worst part is when the stream dries up in the summers and the water level goes down badly.

The Living Waters team from Operation Blessing India (OBI) had come to their village to do a survey as they came to know about the severe water scarcity in that village from a local social worker. The residents of K.Kondaramavaram saw a miracle happening in their village as the OBI team successfully drilled a bore well in their village. The joy and happiness of the villagers here is indescribable! Bukya is so relieved that her long walks for water have ended and now there was no need to collect their drinking water by digging pits. This family is grateful to OBI and the other villagers join them as they rejoice for this miracle of water in their village and the assurance of enjoying better health!

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