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Free Cleft Lip Surgery for Deepika!

Like any other parent, Hanumanth was excited to see his new born child; he was ready to welcome a new member into the family. But excitement turned to disappointment all at once; “This cannot be my daughter” shouted, Hanumanth when he saw his daughter’s for the first time; his child was born with a cleft lip! He held his wife responsible for giving birth to a child with a facial deformity and was angry with her. This deformity not only altered her looks but affected her feeding process which was becoming a cause for great concern.

Deepika-CLCP1Hanumanth was so disappointed that he refused to see the child, a second time. Though he was told that his daughter, Deepika`s deformity could be corrected through a surgery, Hanumanth refused to be comforted as his daughter looked abnormal and he knew he could not afford the hospital charges with the meager  income he earned as a daily wage laborer.

Seeing their pathetic condition, Hanumanth was told about Operation Blessing India (OBI), (an NGO which helped poor people) and their “free cleft surgery project” by the hospital authorities. Hanumanth was very skeptical about what he heard but not wanting to lose out on whatever was being offered, he visited the Operation Blessing India`s partner hospital to enquire about his daughter’s  surgery. Having spoken to the doctor at the partner hospital, Hanumanth was so happy to understand the fact that his daughter’s defect could be corrected and was so relieved that it would be done absolutely free!

Deepika-CLCPAfter the usual investigations, Deepika’s surgery was successfully done and her facial deformity was corrected. Hanumanth felt very sorry about his bad behavior with his wife and the initial rejection of his daughter. Hanumanth is very grateful to OBI for helping them in their time of need and for giving their daughter a new lease of life. The Mother is happy that her daughter is able to feed better after the surgery. The smile on Deepika’s face has brought joy to the entire family.

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