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In spite of her old age, seventy year old Kamalamma goes around happily, doing the household chores and cooking for her children. Both she and her husband, Baswanappa, stay with their children- their four married sons and their families. They all live together as one big joint family in Pathurpalli, a village near Bidar, Karnataka. Her sons are daily wage laborers and work very hard to meet the requirements of their family.


Kamalamma_EYEThe aged couple, Kamalamma and Baswanappa depends upon their sons for all their needs. It was Kamalamma who encouraged her daughters-in-law to work so that their income gets better but this becomes possible only when Kamalamma does all the household work.  The family was managing well but suddenly Kamalamma began having problems with her vision which hindered her work at home. Kamlamma was helpless and felt that her joy was stolen as she could no longer support her family.  Gradually her vision began fading, making life very difficult for Kamalamma and she became dependent on her children. Her grandchildren would take leave from school and take turns to take care of her. Kamalamma was upset that the children were missing school because of her and desperately wanted a solution to her problem. Though she wanted to go to doctor and get the right treatment; their financial situation was bad and she just could not afford to pay the doctor’s fee or buy medicines.

One afternoon, her grandson came running to tell her that Operation Blessing India’s partner hospital had organized a free outreach medical camp in their neighboring village. Without wasting time, Kamalamma approached the camp site with her grandson. Kamlamma was taken to the Optometrist, who did the eye screening for her.  The test showed that Kamalamma had developed cataract in her left eye which needed immediate surgery in order to rectify her vision. Though she was happy that she got her eyes tested; sadly, her situation did not change.

“Alas,! I cannot afford to pay for this surgery.” said, Kamalamma as tears rolled down her eyes.  But Kamalamma did not know she has another blessing in store. Having understood her problem, the doctor gave her the good news that was being offered free surgery and was told to go to the partner hospital for surgery on the given date.

The surgery was successfully done and Kamlamma`s vision was corrected. Kamalamma was all smiles when she said, “I never expected my vision to be corrected; thank you, donors, for making it possible through your generous support. Without your help I would have surely gone blind. Now I can see and can help my family. Thank you, Operation Blessing India.”

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