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Shivram Dhanvi and Sugandha are parents to ten children, seven daughters and three sons. Kamal is the youngest of them all, u but the sad part was that she lost her three sisters and a brother to an unknown disease.  The family was confused and troubled at this loss. They live in Vadgaon, a village located near Beed, Maharastra and the people living here have no hospital or any other medical facilities available. The only have a witch doctor, he had the same treatment for all problems; he would place a heated metal rod over their neck, spinal cord and legs. They have no other option other than this witch doctor; She had never seen a doctor before.

Kamal-Shivaram-Dhanvi-HC1 Kamal`s brothers and sisters got married and had moved out of the house. She was an innocent little five year old girl when her parents got her married to a twenty two year old man. Kamal did not want to go along with her husband as she was still a child and needed her parents so she simply refused to go with him. Kamal went back to play with her friends in the mud under the trees. Though her parents insisted, she was very firm and adamant; she did not want to leave her parents and go. Finally, after waiting for a long period, he married another woman.

Kamal was under the care of her parents till they were alive, but she waKamal-Shivaram-Dhanvi-HCs left all alone after their demise. Kamal is now a sixty five year old woman who had been fighting life’s battles all by herself.  She never got married and lives all alone. None of her brothers or sisters ever bothered to find out about her welfare. Kamal somehow managed doing some odd jobs to cater to her needs.

Kamal has been suffering with severe neck pain for the past six years and she too was treated by the local witch doctor. But her pain continued to trouble her. As they do not have medical facilities, Kamal had to struggle with her neck pain with no other option but the witch’s cruel and painful treatment.

She was so happy to know that Operation Blessing India (OBI) was having a free medical camp in her village. On reaching the camp site, she could not believe that she really was seeing the doctors, medicines and other lab equipments with the OBI team right in front of her eyes. She said, “I feel I am in a different world.”

Kamal was very anxious to consult a doctor at the free medical camp; the doctor examined her and after the investigations, he prescribed the required medicines. “Is that all” She said, she was very happy to know that the treatment did not involve getting her skin burnt. Kamal felt that this experience was so unbelievable, never before had she seen or consulted a doctor for her sickness. Kamal received free medicines according to the prescription, the pharmacist explained the details of dosage etc, counseled her to follow certain health tips and guidelines.

“Thank you OBI for choosing our village and coming to treat us for free. I’m happy that I’m finally going to be rid of my pain completely. Thanks for blessing our village, we cannot forget these days. We enjoyed your presence and thank you for that love that had drawn you to us,” Kamal Said.

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