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It takes many little drops to make an ocean. Every drop adds up to others and together they become an ocean. It is the same with the gifts and donations of our Partners and well wishers. Even a small amount they send us makes a positive difference in the lives of people.

You too can add your little drop to make an ocean of difference to the work that CBN and Operation Blessing India is doing in India. A gift or a donation that you send can bless a child and help her to go back to school and study for a better future. It may bring a pair of eye glasses to some person who lost hope because he couldn’t afford it. Perhaps it would get a surgery organized for a baby born with a cleft lip who would otherwise have had to live with ridicule and pain for the rest of her life. It may bring to life a distant and remote village struggling every day for safe drinking water through the gift of a bore well to their village. It may be a soothing balm to a HIV positive person who feels hopeless and desolate. It could make a disabled person mobile through the gift of a wheelchair. It could be a lifeline of support and help in the time of disaster whether an earthquake, a flood or calamity. Your decision to give an offering or a gift can be a blessing to someone whose life will be touched and perhaps changed forever by your single act of giving.

Your generosity is an answer to their prayers. Your gift will bring you blessings and prayers of those who were blessed by it. It will also give your heart the satisfaction that your hard-earned money has been well spent in something that would last for an eternity for anything that is given to tremendous work remains. It is good to give.

Donate for the cause of Children

Little lives, little dreams, innocent faces and small desires. It doesn’t take much to make a child happy.

There are countless children who live lives without having their basic needs met. There are many children who are forced by their circumstances to leave their dreams aside and work for their daily meals. They cannot hope because they don’t have the help and support of their parents to study in school. There are others who live with the curse of rejection because they were born with cleft lips.

One small step makes a great difference for these children. Operation Blessing India is committed to help them take that one small step through their Vidya Jyothi Project and Cleft Lip/ Cleft Palate surgeries. “Vidya” means Education and “Jyothi” stands for Light.

Can you imagine the joy a child feels when she is gifted with books, a uniform and taken to study? The children at our Vidya Jyothi centers experienced that joy when they first walked in. They knew they didn’t have to be tied down to a life of rag-picking or prostitution. They were leaving behind hopelessness and despair. We feel a sense of pride to say that some of them have passed Standard 10 and done very well for themselves. For us these children are nothing less than pioneers, because they are changing not just their own futures but the future of their families.

Would you like to give them a helping hand? Would you like to see these children fly high with their dreams fulfilled? Give to Vidya Jyothi!

We often come across babies with Cleft Lip or Cleft Palate problems. In India, girls face a tough time getting married even if they only have a scar on their face. These little ones are called “cursed” because they were born with a Cleft Lip. Their parents don’t rejoice at their birth, some of them simply wish they were never born. OBI doesn’t look at them that way, through their innocent faces we can see a beauty that God intended for them. Through a surgical procedure, doctors don’t just put their lips and palates together but literally give them a new life.

Would you like to give a child the gift of a normal life? Would like save her from the tormenting insults of others around and restore her dignity and self esteem for her? Give OBI the means to hold one more Cleft Lip surgery!!!

Donate for the cause of the Disabled

He lies on his bed day and night because he cannot move on his own. Ever since he lost his ability to move, he has been waiting for literally everything. He has to wait for someone to turn him in bed, he has to wait for a glass of water when he is thirsty and even when he needs to relieve himself. He spends his time staring at the window, wishing he was out there somewhere’ anywhere but here rooted to one spot.

His parents too feel the pinch. Their lives have never been the same since that fateful day. They feel tired and frustrated just managing their day to day lives. There is no one to help them. They too feel like they are at the end of their rope. Their relatives and friends look at them as though they are some criminals who did something to deserve this tragic turn of events in their lives. Their tears have stopped and their prayers have become groans full of pain’.

Being disabled and looking after someone who is disabled means carrying a lot of burdens. Most of time this means bearing the pain alone, without anyone else to care or comfort them. They need help that would ease the pain and help them in their day to day life. They need help to be able to enjoy life to their full potential. For those who are immobile, the best help of this kind is a wheelchair. For many of them this is out of their reach due to the cost involved and lack of availability too.

OBI cares for these precious people and makes efforts to help them overcome their disabilities and give them a new lease of life. A gift of a wheelchair is a lifesaver to them and their families. One wheelchair opens up the outside world to an immobile person, for a family member it means not having to carry their disabled loved one around. There are 750 disabled persons whose lives OBI has managed to bless due to the generosity of donors.

Would you like to bless someone who is disabled? Would you like to give someone a gift that will change their entire life? Give OBI the means to bless another disabled person!

Donate for the cause of the Disaster affected

Life went on as usual for the families till one morning when a disaster hit their village and destroyed everything they ever had. Years of sweat and toil they had put in towards building their lives were lost in a moment. Some family members died and others were injured. Tears welled up their eyes as they saw their lives lying in shambles, bruised, torn and weathered they were hopeless, without anyone to count on or to help.

They turned to the authorities, but they too were overwhelmed with the sudden turn of events, they had too many things and people to attend to, their resources too were limited. Disillusioned and in despair the affected people returned to their broken homes wondering where they would find a morsel of food for their children, how they would spend the night and then what they would do for a living since the tools of the trade, the land, the things they used to use were all gone’.

Mothers clung to their babies, afraid that something would happen to them. Their stomachs burned within but they worried about what they would feed their little ones. Children were in shock’ they couldn’t understand what they had seen and experienced. The elders were of no help as they hardly said anything, they would cry or complain most of the time “their little minds couldn’t comprehend anything except that their homes, their toys, their belongings were no longer there” their small school was demolished too. They huddled together whispering and trying their best to play with broken toys.

Men were filled with pressure, time was not in their hands, they had to somehow find a way to get things back to normal again. Without a trade, without income, it was not possible to feed their families. They had to look at all the options available but what would you do when everyone is unemployed at the same time? They were not educated, they didn’t have special skills, they just did manual labour and all the work available was taken, where would they find new opportunities but somewhere far and away? They braced themselves for what looked like the inevitable’ migration or leaving their family behind and going to the city to work.

It was then that they all saw a bus entering their village. An Operation Blessing India team was making its way into one of the remote pockets where help had not reached yet.

They knew that the people were starving, they knew they needed medication, things to rebuild their houses and their lives again. Without wasting any time, they set out to do what they had come for.

The people collected around the bus and were very moved to find the one thing they needed the most’ food waiting for them. Each family was given food and food grains to last them for a while. A tear flowed down a mother’s eye as she looked upwards and thanked God for sending her little one and her family food to keep going. The men too were comforted as they saw that they would be able to build a temporary shelter with the materials this team was giving. Slowly the clouds lifted from their spirit and the sun was shining its light into their lives, their hopelessness gave way to a peace in their heart, they knew they would be fine. It would take a while but they would get their lives back together, thanks to the help of some strangers.

Would you like to be one of those who send the essentials to families who are disaster affected? Would you want to be there to wipe their tears and comfort them while meeting their basic needs and showing them that someone cares? If you do, give to OBI and help the disaster affected people all around India! Your help will re-build someone’s broken life and broken dreams their thanks and prayers will bring blessings into your life too. Save lives, touch someone today!