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Life seemed like a great challenge to Savitri.  She is 28years old and lives in Manikyalavariveedhi, a village situated in Kavali, Andhra Pradesh. She is the only child to her parents, Venkata Subbaiah and Krishnaveni and enjoys all the love and care from them. Everything was going on well till Savitri was five years old. A great tragedy occurred; her mother died and this changed everything in her life.

Savithri_WC_LH1Children always desire to be in the bosom of their mother and under the protective arms of their father. But little Savitri was never able to experience such lasting love in her life as she lost her mother very early in life and her father moved to Hyderabad. He wanted to find a new job and move on with his life.  Savitri was left in the village and was looked after by her grandmother (Mother`s mother) who was a widow. Though, it was difficult for the grandmother to provide for Savitri, there was no other option but to allow Savitri to stay with her.

After an years time, when Savitri was six years old, she developed high fever and was very sick. Savitri was affected by polio which left her handicapped and she now has a difficult life as Savithri_WC_LHshe is not able to walk or move around on her own easily. As a child she always wanted to jump around and play, like the other children, but she could not because of her polio affected legs. She was studying in a local government school but had to discontinue her studies from class V, as her grandmother could no longer carry her to school and bring her back home.

Days passed by and Savitri`s grandmother too passed away leaving her without any aid or support. Now, Savitri had to earn all by herself as she has none who would take care of her. It was like tragedies were always knocking at her door and were snatching away all her happiness. Savitri joined a garments shop (‘Kandakuri Garments’) as a helper and was earning about Rs.1500/- per month. After a few months, she could not continue working as she found it very difficult to travel to the shop.

Savitri learnt tailoring and learnt the skill to stitch clothes during her tenure at Kandakuri Garments, but she could not afford to purchase a sewing machine. She hired a sewing machine from her neighbors and started stitching clothes for her livelihood, but the major part of her earnings would go as rent for the hired sewing machine. This situation of Savitri was noticed by a local community leader who approached “Operation Blessing India” (OBI), seeking help for Savitri in whatever way possible.

Operation Blessing India (OBI), made further enquiries, noticed the plight of Savitri and planned to give her a sewing machine for free to help her earn a living. Savitri was one of the beneficiaries among some others who also received a free sewing machine. Just not that, Savitri was also given a free wheel chair with which she could now move from place to place without anybody’s help.

“Thank you Operation Blessing India for the helping hand you stretched towards me, my life will be different and will not be the same as before. I was alone and helpless, but now I found help and hope. Your gifts of a wheel chair and sewing machine have provided a new lease of life for me. I can move from one place to another by myself and need not pay the rent for the sewing machine as well. ” Said, Savitri, in expressing her gratitude to OBI.

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