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Kalpana lives with her family in Anamadgur, a small village situated five kilometers away from Kavali in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh. She is the youngest child to her parents; she has three sisters and two brothers. Nageshwar Rao aged eighty and sixty five year old Anasuyamma are Kalpana’s parents.

Kalpana-WC_LHKalpana’s right leg was affected by Polio and is handicapped. Kalpana could not do much because of her helpless situation and most of the household work was done by the older children in the family. Kalpana struggled to move forward with her studies and her daily routine life. She somehow managed to complete her intermediate but could study no further and now she was at the crossroads, having to face the reality of her life. All her siblings had got married and decided to live separately. Kalpana had to stay with her parents; she felt lonely and was very dependent on them making her feel guilty that she was a burden to her parents.

It was a very challenging situation for Kalpana. Her parents found it very difficult to work in their old age; they had no other option but to work for daily wages. In spite of all their efforts, it Kalpana-WC_LH1was not possible to provide for the basic needs of the family with their meager earnings. Kalpana did not want to depend upon her old parents or be a burden to them but the sad facts reminded her that she was unable to do anything by herself.  She desired to be of help to her parents in their old age but her efforts ended in vain, she was not able to secure any work. Kalpana`s parents too were worried about their daughter’s future as they too were very old.

Kalpana’s hopes to live a normal life were rekindled when Operation Blessing India (OBI), came to her aid. A local community leader contacted OBI and requested them to help Kalpana in her handicapped state. OBI visited Kalpana`s family to make further enquiries and during the conversation found that Kalpana had learnt tailoring and could stitch clothes. Operation Blessing India encouraged Kalpana to improve her tailoring skills and gave her a free sewing machine. This great gift became an inspiration for Kalpana to start tailoring clothes and she is now earning an income right from her home. Along with a free sewing machine, Kalpana was also provided with a free wheel chair. Now she doesn’t have to depend upon her parents, she can move from one place to another by herself; Kalpana is enjoying the freedom she is experiencing with the change in her situation.

The parents are so happy to see their daughter occupied profitably and are now confident that Kalpana has a secure future. Kalpana is overjoyed at the new developments in her life. She is no more the poor, useless handicapped person but is now a responsible, hardworking, skillful bread winner of the home. Both Kalpana and her parents are grateful to OBI for bringing hope and joy into their lives!

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