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Madhapur is a remote village in the district of Adilabad. The village is in such a deplorable condition that it does not even have a primary health center. Thankfully this village has an Orphan’s Promise sponsored ‘Vidya Jyothi’ (VJ) center. This is more of a bridge school which enables and encourages the children from this village to attend a regular school. The VJ center at this village has a tremendous impact not in the lives of children but also on the villagers as the staff is able to connect with the parents of the children. The VJ has become a source of influence and great support to the villagers.

Kalyani-VJ1A free medical camp was conducted for the VJ children at the Madhapur VJ center. Children along with their parents attended this medical camp and were benefited a lot. One such beneficiary was Kalyani, a six year old girl who studies in the VJ center and actively participates in all the VJ activities. Kalyani’s parents Chandrakanth and Sukumari Bai are both farm laborers.

One day as usual Kalyani came back from school, she suffered with severe stomach ache, Sukumari, her mother did not know what to do as there was no doctor in the village and the nearest medical clinic was quite far away. Sukumari consulted one of her neighbors for a suggestion; she gave her a plant extract to be given to Kalyani. Without a second thought Sukumari gave the extract to Kalyani and though the pain seemed to ease for sometime, the stomach pain resurfaced and the ache developed further. For close to a month Kalyani was suffering with the stomach ache. Thankfully on the day the of the medical camp Kalyani was brought for a check up and the doctor after examining her, found her to be a chronic case of worm infestation. The doctor prescribed the necessary medicine and also gave advice about the necessary precautions and hygiene that must be maintained for her to stay healthy. She was also supplied with free medicines for her problem and was also given some nutritional supplements.  The doctor also gave awareness on general cleanliness and hygiene to all the VJ children.

Sukumari Bai was very thankful for the way her daughter was treated and said, “I did not know what to do when my daughter suffered in pain but the medical team here provided the right aid which brought great relief. Thank you Orphan’s Promise for this medical camp and awareness; I will make an effort to observe the guidelines given and maintain hygiene”.

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