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Just a few weeks later after her husband’s death, sixty two year old Karima Bee fell sick with severe wheezing, cold and cough. She had no appetite and was struggling as she was not able to breathe normally. She stays with her son and his family. He is a laborer who works for daily wages and in spite of working hard; finds it very tough to provide for the basic needs of his family. Karima’s son however, managed to collect some money from his neighbors and took his Kareema-Bee1mother to a local hospital. The medicines gave some temporary relief but after a couple of days, the problem surfaced and her health condition got worse. They did not have sufficient funds to take her again for medical treatment.

Karima’s relatives visited her and tried to find a way for her treatment, but could not help her; this made her son worry more about his mother’s health.

A young boy from the neighborhood happened to visit their house and told them about Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) free medical camp that was happening 2 kms away at Palmoor, Mahboob Nagar. Making the best use of this opportunity, Karima was taken to the camp site where the OBI’s volunteer doctor examined her and the investigations showed that Kareema-BeeKarima was suffering with severe Asthma.

She was counseled further, the doctor told her to take certain precautions and assured her of regaining her health if she took the prescribed medicines regularly and followed the guidelines given. Karima was really encouraged and felt at ease talking to the doctor. She was very happy as all the prescribed medicines were supplied to her by the OBI team freely. The team members also explained to her details of dosage and diet that she had to follow.

“I thought I may probably die with this sickness. I am very thankful to OBI for their help in restoring my health.” said, Karima Bee. Even Karima’s son is so relieved that his mother got the right treatment and is now assured that she will recover completely.  He appreciates the wonderful way OBI is reaching out to the poor and helpless section of society.

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