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Mariyappan and his wife Amutha live in Lakshmi Nagar, near Pollachi, Tamilnadu. Both of them live on their own as their only son, Ramesh is married and has moved to Palakad village. They are growing older, getting weaker and are falling sick quite often. Mariyappan is seventy three years old and is presently confined to bed because of his ill health. Mariyappan worked for daily wages as a laborer but is not able to work anymore and Amutha is forced to find work, she works as a maid in a few houses. Their son was not able to support them and even if he sent them any money, it was a very meager amount.

Mariyappan’s condition worsened; he developed severe cough and was suffering from Asthma. His wife tried taking him to the local doctor but the treatment did not help and his sickness seemed to be getting worse. Amutha was worried as she had to do all the household chores, look after her husband and then go for work. Sometimes, she just could not go for work and because of her irregularity, the fear of losing her job loomed large. Both of them were going through a miserable period in their lives. Mariyappan felt helpless as he was completely dependent on his wife and was not able to help her in any way. Amutha was worried about her husband’s health as it was deteriorating and she too felt hopeless because her efforts did not seem enough. Neither was her husband getting better nor was there any improvement in their living conditions.

Even as Amutha was getting depressed seeing her husband’s suffering, she heard something that brought some hope. On her way to work, she heard an announcement about a free medical camp that was being conducted in her village close to her house. She was told that doctors from the city would come and check the patients. She made further enquiries and made sure that she and her husband were in time for registering at the Operation Blessing India (OBI) medical camp. Mariyappan got checked by a doctor and he was told to get some investigations done. The tests were all done at the camp by the OBI team members and Mariappan was diagnosed with severe Asthma and Pneumonia.

Mariappan received the required medicines and the OBI team also spent time counseling both of them. Amutha was so happy to receive all the support extended by the entire team and became confident that her husband would get better. Even Mariappan felt encouraged that there was a solution to his problem. Both of them are so thankful to OBI for ministering to them so lovingly and helping them in their old age. The free check-up, investigations and medicines supplied were a great blessing to Mariappan and Amutha; giving them a hope for the future.

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