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“Monika waited patiently for her turn” as she held Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) OP card in her hand. This little, nine-year-old girl is a class II at a government school located near Kowkur, Hyderabad.  Monika lost her mother who died after a couple of months post delivery. Monika was so unfortunate that she could never experience either her mother’s love or enjoy her father’s care. Her father earned a meager income by working at an agricultural field for daily wages but spent all his money on his addiction and was in a drunken state most of the time. He never bothered to look after Monika instead; he considered her to be the reason for losing his wife.

Monika-Dental1Monika was cared for by a relative as she had no other person to go to but even that relative could not continue to cater to her needs. She was seven years old when a local community leader observed Monika’s pathetic situation and brought her to “Love in Deed”- an Operation Blessing India’s partner orphan home. Monika was accepted into that orphanage as an inmate and she was welcomed by everyone there into the family. Monika felt the warmth of that love she had never experienced in her life before. She began studying well and scored top marks in her class. She is an enthusiastic and hard working student.

Monika developed an oral problem which she ignored and continued playing without paying any attention to it. She had bleeding in her lower middle teeth which increased while brushing. Operation Blessing India (OBI) had organized a free medical camp in the school were Monika was studying. Monika was examined by the Dentist for her tooth and jaw pain and the diagnosis showed ‘Calculus +ve’ over the lower lingual mandibular anterior teeth. The procedure to help ease her problem, ‘particle hand scaling’ was done to treat her. If the problem was not treated it could have been a major threat to her oral health as it would gradually lead to bad breath, then teeth mobility that leads to loss of teeth as well.

Monika was very happy as she was being special attention which she had never received earlier and was so blessed with all the love she received from the OBI team. Monika was given free medicines from the OBI’s pharmacist as per the prescription. Along with Monika, 140 other children and adults were given a dental check-up, taught health tips on having clean and healthy teeth to avoid infections and other oral problems.

“Thank you Operation Blessing India for being a blessing to Monika and the other children here. We would not have known about her dental problem and it would have become a serious one. Thank you so much for the timely intervention,” said the Warden as she watched the children interacting with the team members.

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