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Chari is of Brahmin origin, his father S. Raghavachari was a purohit at Mahankali Temple, Balamrai, near Secunderabad and was one among the other priests. When Chari was three years old, his father died in a car accident and few years back his mother also passed away. Chari was physically challenged since birth, he walks with a limp and he studied only up to class seven due to financial problems in the family. Chari was forced to work in a restaurant as a cleaner, washing dishes and cleaning tables. He continued to work there for almost nine years and later quit his job to work in the temple. He learnt all the slokas, the art of chanting mantras etc and worked in the Mahankali temple at Tarnaka, earning more than 10,000 rupees a month.

Chari-(4)He got married and was later blessed with a son. His son died within a few months of his birth in a freak accident which was a devastating experience for the family. To add to their problems; Chari had a bad fall which paralyzed him and this led to a dramatic life change. He and his wife were depressed that they had frequent arguments and fights. Serious consequences followed; Chari’s wife was forced to work and provide for the needs of her family so she worked as a maid but was not able to earn enough. She was not able to bear the additional burden of looking after her bedridden husband; she left him and ran away from home. Left all alone and not able to cope on his own, Chari moved into his uncle’s house. One day he developed severe pain in his abdomen which became unbearable. He was addicted to liquor and this worsened his condition. Chari’s uncle took him to a government hospital, abandoned him there and never went back for him. Chari became a destitute, living by the roadside near a government hospital and ended up eating whatever people offered him.

Operation Blessing India (OBI) partners with ‘Raj Aashra Home’, a home for the destitute that provides food, shelter and protection to the neediest people. One of the inmates found Chari lying on the road and brought him to the destitute home. Chari was happy to be placed in the destitute home but his health problem continued to trouble him as his pain became unbearable. He had developed a tumor over his lower abdomen, which gradually grew to a size of a handball and he was struggling with excruciating pain. Chari was taken to the hospital by the OBI team to get investigations done so that correct treatment could be given to him.

Chari-(7)It was diagnosed that Chari had a hernia and was referred for immediate surgery as he was in a critical condition. Free surgery was done by the OBI partner hospital on and the extra charges incurred for medical consumables, medicines and other miscellaneous expenses were borne by Operation Blessing India. The OBI team also shouldered the entire responsibility of taking care of Chari during his stay in hospital. The surgery was performed successfully; the tumor was removed and Chari recovered slowly. He is now back in the ‘Destitute Home’ and is getting stronger.

“It was at the right time that I was brought to this ‘home’, if not, I would have been lying somewhere by the roadside having none to care for me. It’s just because of the loving provision and timely treatment through Operation Blessing India that I am alive today; I have a home and a family that cares for me. Thank You, OBI.” said, Chari.

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