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Mallesh was hesitant to go out anywhere with his daughter, as Anjali was born with a facial deformity and people reacted badly when they saw her or spoke ill about her.  She had a cleft palate, a condition where the two plates of the skull that form the hard palate (roof of the mouth) are not completely joined. This resulted in an open connection between the oral cavity and nasal cavity causing problems with feeding, ear disease, speech etc.

Though he wanted Anjali`s corrective surgery to be done, he could not afford it.. Mallesh works for daily wages as an agricultural laborer. Being the only bread winner of the family, Mallesh found it very difficult to provide even for the basic needs of his home and saving money for Anjali`s corrective surgery was next to impossible.

Mallesh happened to meet one of his friends after a long time and shared about his daughter’s deformity with his friend. His friend told him about Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) “Cleft Project”. Mallesh was very happy to know that his daughter’s deformity could be corrected freely at the OBI partner hospital. With the help of his same friend, Mallesh approached the OBI’s  partner hospital; consulted with the doctor who examined Anjali and fixed up the surgery schedule. The surgery was done successfully and Anjali`s deformity was corrected. The faint scars of the surgery are the only evidence that she was born with a cleft palate otherwise, she is as normal as any other child.

Mallesh is so happy that his daughter’s surgery was done freely and that she would be able to feed well and remain healthy. He said, “We can now take her out without having to listen to rude or sarcastic comments. Thank you OBI for restoring happiness in our lives, for ministering to us in our need and giving our daughter the ability to smile!”

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