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Operation Blessing India (OBI) organized a free medical camp near Gugus, a remote village in Gujarat. Ratan Bhai and his daughter are among the many beneficiaries of the camp. Ratan is the sole bread winner for the family as his wife takes care of the children and does all the household work at home. He owns a pair of cattle, and earns a meager income through them. It was not easy for Ratan to sustain the family with this meager income and was not able to meet the basic needs of his family. Ratan wanted to provide a better life for his wife and children but their situation did not improve.

Ratan-Bhai-LHTo add to their distress, circumstances got worse and they lost their son to an unknown stomach ailment. They were perplexed and confused as they did not understand what could have gone wrong with him. Suppressing his own pain and worry, Ratan tried his best to comfort his grieving wife but to their distress, within a couple of days, his daughter too suffered the same kind of stomach pain showing the same symptoms his son had complained about earlier.  Ratan and his wife became more worried and they were caught up with by the fear of losing their daughter too. They tried their best to show her to a good doctor as Regardless of anything; they wanted her to get well. They even sold their cattle which was their only source of income to the family and even mortgaged their house to get sufficient finances for her treatment. In spite of all these efforts also, her stomach pain continued and was getting worse. Their family was also beginning to face rejection and was being avoided by all the villagers; none came forward to help them in their hour of need. Rather, the villagers accused them of being a cursed family under bondage and shunned them. Ratan and his family were not allowed to participate in any of the village activities.

Ratan-Bhai-LH1It was during these hard times, Ratan heard that Operation Blessing India’s medical camp that was being organized in their neighboring village. With great expectation for a solution to their problems, Ratan attended the camp with his daughter. There, the OBI`s volunteer doctor examined her, found a swelling in her stomach and asked for a scan. Ratan was hesitant as his financial status was very bad but he openly shared with the OBI staff about his inability to provide the needed finances for his daughter’s treatment.   Operation Blessing India exists to break the cycle of suffering among the underprivileged and, on knowing his plight, the OBI team shouldered the responsibility of her treatment. Having got the scanning done the team made sure she got all the prescribed medicines from the OBI`s pharmacy. Understanding Ratan’s need for support; OBI went an extra mile in giving Ratan a pair of goats to earn his livelihood.  Ratan was so relieved that his daughter received the much needed treatment at the right time. He and his wife are so overwhelmed by the gracious gesture of OBI for providing a hope for their future; they said “OBI has become a double blessing in our lives; we are grateful to OBI that our daughter got healed and we’ve got a resource for livelihood.”

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