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Reshma and her husband Makhan Bhai are residents of Pachamouli, one of the remote villages in Dhule district of the state of Maharashtra. Both of them are growing older by the day, Reshma struggles with joint pains and other ailments. Her husband is almost sixty years old now and finds it very difficult to cope with his regular schedule. Their village is a typical underdeveloped tribal village where agriculture is the main occupation. This village faces the sweltering heat of summer and often experiences drought. Water is one of the main problems that the villagers face on a daily basis. Due to drought conditions of the district and absence of major industrial growth, most of villagers are migrating to nearby districts and states.

Reshma_LW-OBIHOmeA single bore well is the only water source in this village. Everyday Makhan Bhai goes in search of work while Reshma takes care of the household work. Their children are all grown up, married and have migrated to the nearby towns and cities and have settled there. The bore well is an old one and is not in a good working condition so they have to spend a lot of time to fill one pot of water. There are high and low caste tribal groups in this village and Reshma belongs to the Bhil tribe which is supposed to be the low caste one when compared to the Kokani tribe. Because of this, Reshma has to wait for the high caste women to finish filling water and only then she is allowed near the bore well.

In the summers, the bore well dries up and Reshma has to walk more than a kilometer to the agricultural bore well that is on the outskirts of their village. Walking the long distances and carrying the heavy water pot becomes an impossible task for Reshma so they end up with no water at all. The days her husband, Makhan Bhai tries to help to get water, he misses out on work and this causes a lot of problems for them. The Living Waters team from Operation Blessing India (OBI) visited this village on the request of Mr. Dhanilall, who is the visiting social worker to this village. Thought this village had a history of being a dry place with no evidence of ground water, the efforts of the OBI team proved successful and today the villagers are blessed with the new water source.

The entire village is celebrating the new bore well and the women folk join Reshma in thanking the OBI team for the wonderful gift of water given to them.

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