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This teenage girl suffered with painful and itchy wounds on both her legs. It was strange that a girl who always wanted to jump, play and move about with friends, now refused to go along with them. Fifteen year old Sangeetha began to withdraw herself from her friends at school and her neighbors because she felt embarrassment as she kept scratching since her skin was very itchy.

Her parents, Ramu and Varalakshmi work on the agricultural fields nearby and somehow manage to ear a small income to cater to the basic family needs. Though young Sangeetha`s health and future was important to this couple, they could not afford her treatment at the same time.  They made several visits to a local hospital but all efforts failed to cure Sangeetha`s skin problem, the itching was persistent and the wounds seemed to get worse. Whatever home remedies they tried failed as well. She even felt uncomfortable with her own clothes as the pain would increase when the clothes touched her erupted skin. “I was hardly left with any money and felt helpless as I could not take her for further treatment” Said, Ramu.

Ramu was relieved when he was told about Operation Blessing India`s (OBI) free medical camp that was happening in Kurungulam, his village at Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. But a question arose in his heart, saying, “Will they be able to treat my daughter? And will she get back to normalcy?” With these questions in his heart, Ramu approached the camp site with a small ray of hope.

Sangeetha was led to the OBI’s volunteer doctor for examination and the doctor’s diagnosis was that she was suffering from a skin infection called lesions. The nurse cleaned her skin eruptions and even applied the prescribed ointment. The necessary medicines for the skin infection were prescribed and the team members counseled Sangeetha on maintaining health and hygiene. The prescribed medicineswere given free at the OBI pharmacist who also explained the dosage details, cleaning and precautions that had to be observed.. “I never experienced this kind of genuine concern and love ever in my life before. It’s true that I came here with questions in my mind but now I’m happy that every doubt is gone and I have the assurance that my daughter will be healed completely. Thank you OBI for the healing touch” said Ramu.

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