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Bringing up their three children seemed like a great challenge for Parmeshwar and his wife, Shakuntala. The poor financial situations of the family forced Parmeshwar to move with his family to Gajularamaram, Hyderabad from Gulbarga, Karnataka. He had no other choice but to look out for better prospects of livelihood as he had to provide for his family which included his wife and three children (Anil 11yrs, Sneha 9 yrs and Siddhu 5yrs.)

Parmeshwar had to travel a long distances everyday as he worked for daily wages under a contractor. Unfortunately, Parmeshwar started drinking regularly and even though his wife tried stopping him from wasting money on alcohol, he soon became an addict. He lost work because of his addiction to liquor as he kept falling sick and the condition of his lungs was very bad. Shakuntala started working as a laborer and tried to provide for the basic needs of her home. She had the added burden of looking after her husband and providing for his treatment. In spite of all her efforts, Parmeshwar health condition deteriorated and he passed away.

Shakuntala and the three children were abandoned and left without any aid. She hardly knew anything about the new place they had moved to. Shakuntala was gripped by fear and worry as she had to take up the responsibilities of her children and home. She tried to even get an extra part time job, working as a maid in a house. She was busy working full time, the children were left alone at home and Shakuntala worried about them. Sneha wanted to study and kept telling her mother that she wanted to go to school like all the other children. Though Shakuntala wanted to send her children to school, she could not afford to pay the school fee or buy books, uniforms etc.

And then a miracle happened in their lives; she found a way to send all her three children to school. She heard about ‘Orphan`s Promise’ a Vidya Jyothi project (VJ) of Operation Blessing India which gave the needed educational support for the underprivileged children. Shakuntala approached the VJ center, shared her burden with the authorities and requested admission for her children. Sneha and her brothers joined the center and received free books, school bag, uniform, shoes, socks and stationary. All of them are excited to attend school and make new friends. Sneha was very happy to get back to school and even happier to receive her study material for free.

Shakuntala is extremely grateful for the help and support she received from the Orphan’s Promise Project, VJ center. She said, “Life is tough being a single mother; taking care of three children is becoming so difficult that I felt so disheartened but the VJ center is God’s provision for my children and is a great blessing in our lives”

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    i like very much your organization when we got floods in kurnool you opetation blessing india helped us a lot.till we can’t forget your help.

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