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Pushpalatha was stuck in an impossible situation; she was a widow, mother of two children, working full time as a maid and not able to cope with whatever was happening around her. She was finding it very difficult, getting over the shock and depression of losing her husband. Her husband worked as a laborer for daily wages but got into debt, was unable to provide for his family and he broke down under the financial pressures. He committed suicide by burning himself to death. Pushpalatha and her children suddenly found themselves to be in a helpless and hopeless situation, without any support. Pushpalatha started working as a maid but whatever she earned did not suffice for their basic needs.

Both Pushpalatha’s children (Sheva Jyothi, a daughter and a son) were intelligent and loved going to school. The biggest problem was Pushpalatha was not able to pay their school fee or buy the books and other things they required. Most of the time, the children were punished by the teacher for not paying the fee or for not taking the necessary books etc. which made them quit school The desire to educate her children and equip them was uppermost in Pushpalatha’s mind. A neighbor told her about the Vidya Jyothi center (VJ) of Operation Blessing India (OBI) that helped underprivileged children and so Pushpalatha immediately approached the person who was in-charge of the VJ center at Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad that was close to their house.

Assured of free education, Sheva Jyothi and her brother got successfully admitted into the VJ center, they were also given free books, school uniforms, bags, shoes, socks and other stationary items. Jyothi and her brother happily settled down at the VJ center. Pushpalatha is so relieved that her children are getting educated and are in a safe environment. The children enjoy a free meal at the center too and this gives Pushpalatha great consolation as her children get to eat a healthy, nutritious meal everyday.

Sheva Jyothi is very grateful to Vidya Jyothi for bringing back the joy into their lives and for providing them with a meaningful childhood. Pushpalatha says, “The help that my family has received from the VJ center has brought about a dramatic change in all of us for the better. There is a sense of happiness and contentment in our lives. I am at peace that my children are getting equipped with a good education and will be able to face the future with confidence”.

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