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The medical camp organized by Operation Blessing India (OBI) at Medak, Hyderabad, became a great blessing to Shivani. Shivani is one of the two hundred beneficiaries of the medical camp. Studying in class six in a local government school, Shivani`s concentration on her studies was diverted due to her headaches. Gradually, her headache increased and also Shivani observed that the letters and alphabets written on the black board were not clear to her sight. She could not do her class work and complete her notes on time. Because of these intense headaches, she could not play with her friends at school or spend quality time with her parents and younger brother.  Telling her parents about her problem did not help because they just tried giving her some homemade medicine which did not give any relief at all.

Twelve year old Shivani’s parents, Nagaiah and Saroja work hard in the agricultural fields nearby to provide for the basic necessities of the family. They do not have sufficient finances to take Shivani to a proper doctor and so she continued to struggle and kept hoping for a solution to her problem. The answer came through a community leader who told this family about Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) general medical camp near their village. “Will there be someone who will take care of my daughter’s health problem?” asked, her anxious mother.

Shivani’s parents took her to the OBI medical camp and the doctor referred her for an eye check up. The Optometrist did the required tests and found that shivani had a distant Vision problem (-0.50BE) and prescribed eye glasses to rectify the problem. As her mother expressed their inability to buy a pair of glasses, the OBI staff gave Shivani a free pair of prescribed glasses. “I’m so grateful for your help; it is such a great relief that my daughter’s problem has been identified and a solution has been offered to her,” said, Saroja, as she thanked the Operation Blessing’s partners for their extended support.

Shivani was also given counsel about the right diet and hygiene she should maintain. She was advised to use the spectacles given regularly. The OBI camp became a great blessing to Shivani indeed, she was given a new hope for her future. “Thank You Operation Blessing, I can see well now and I’m sure my headaches will not trouble me anymore,” said a very happy Shivani.

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