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Ravi is an electrician and his wife Manga is a home maker; Sona is their firstborn child but unfortunately she was born with a visible facial deformity – a cleft lip. It was very distressing to see their daughter struggling to drink milk because of the cleft lip; she was not able to suckle the milk and would get choked often. The parents had to learn the technique of holding their daughter at an angle and carefully, feed her the milk with a spoon. Some of their relatives started to look down upon them and said it was God’s wrath upon that family and it was not a good sign for their future. All this caused great anxiety and trauma for the family.

When Ravi came to know that a corrective surgery could be performed to correct the deformity, he was very happy but he realized that the surgery was expensive and he could not pay for the surgery with the meager income he earned. But then, good news came to him through a community leader who knew about Operation Blessing India’s (OBI) cleft project and all the necessary information. Ravi and Manga received new hope and immediately made further enquiries to approach the concerned OBI authorities. As per the instructions given, Ravi, his wife and Sona approached the OBI partner hospital, taking Sona for an examination by the doctor.

The doctor examined Sona following which she was admitted in the hospital for surgery. Sona was taken care of and operated the very next day. Ravi and his wife were so excited that everything worked so well for their daughter and were so thankful to OBI for their daughter’s free surgery and support that they received. Their daughter was recovering well; she was able to feed normally and was also looking so good after the corrective surgery.

“As for me, I was not at all in a position to get my daughter operated, I will be ever thankful to OBI for the wonderful support they extended to us, our daughter has been rescued from living a life with  deformity and distress”, said Ravi with tears of gratitude.

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