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Fifteen year old Saina lives near Jhalai, a village in Gujarat. Saina is the only child and she was left in the grandmother’s care as both the parents worked hard to provide for the basic needs of the family.  They were not able to get regular work or earn a proper income so they moved to the neighboring village to find suitable employment, leaving their daughter with the grandmother as she is old, stays alone and cannot do any work by herself.  Saina got used to staying with her grandmother and helps her by doing most of the household work.

Saina2One day Saina went out to meet her friends and they ended up playing in the streets. Her village had a lot of Mango trees and soon they were tempted to pluck the mangoes that they could see, easily available and waiting to be plucked. All of them climbed the trees, trying to pluck as many mangoes as they could; suddenly Sania slipped and fell from the tree hurting herself very badly. She cried out in great pain as she had hurt her left hand and was in great pain. Sania’s grandmother tried to help; she straightened Saina`s hand, applied some homemade paste and tied a cloth around it. But by the next day, her hand was swollen and she had unbearable pain. It was a difficult situation for her grandmother; she did not know what to do, neither did she have the finances to take her to the doctor.

Operation Blessing India was conducting a free medical camp near her village; Saina got to know about it and insisted on attending the camp as she was in intense pain. Her grandmother accompanied her and both of them were surprised to see the place looking just like a hospital with doctors, medicines and other equipment. The doctor checked her hand and asked for her hand to be x-rayed. The OBI bus was equipped with an x-ray unit so Sania was relieved when the x-ray was done immediately, right there at the camp site. The fracture was confirmed and she was advised to go to a specialist as her hand had to be set and put in a cast. Understanding the fact that this family had no other help at all, the OBI team visited her the next morning and took her to a hospital in Dahod city which is about two hours drive from her village. Saina’s hand was set and the doctor also taught her the required exercises she needed to do later. Free medicines and vitamin supplements were given to them by the team members.

They were dropped back home and Sania’s grandmother was so grateful to the OBI team for their gracious help.  She was so thankful that Sania received the timely treatment she needed and appreciated of the team efforts in providing a solution to their problem.

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